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We have watches & clocks that will forever give us time forever until they run off battery or something, but whenever we see watches or clocks or calendars.
Calendars, they come out every year, and they just keep going and going and going.
And when we see that, we perceive time as an infinite resource.
We never think we would ever run out of time, but that's not the case.
We will eventually run out of time.

So What's the Solution?

I am working on a project that hopes to solve this by simply making you aware of how much time you and your loved ones have left.
It will not be 100% accurate, but that's not even the goal.
The goal is to use the present time intentionally as much as possible.
The app will launch sometime soon, hopefully within a month, with its basic version & functionality.
So stay tuned by subscribing and hitting the bell notification.

Watch Public Beta Announcement

Public Beta Announcement by Keshav Dulal

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The Public Betas are now available for download on iOS & Android Platforms.
Follow the instructions on video to download them into your device.
Have your daily dose of existential crisis now!

How does it Work?

Data Point Collection
Data Points Collection

The app will collect your basic information such as DOB, Country, Gender in the first phase to feed the algorithm.

A.L.E. Prediction

Based on the data provided by user and the publicly available data points on average life expectancy around the world, we provide our estimation for you & your loved ones.

Remember, it's an estimate.
We could be wrong many cases.
After all, it's just statistics.

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Taking Action

This is the most important bit.
What will you do with this information?
It's up to you really.

You get up on your feet and try to make the best out of this super-short mega-fragile thing we call life.

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